Your dreamhouse on the  Lake Maggiore

Do you dream of a beautiful house on the Lake Maggiore? An always welcoming house, like a warm blanket, which allows you to enjoy the wonderful Italian life, beautiful surroundings, together with friends and relatives? But, how do you find a dream house on the Lake Maggiore?
Starting the search, you will immediately realize that the offers of properties on the Lake Maggiore, on the Internet or proposed by various real estate agents, often refer to the same houses, but with different prices. Maybe you have already found a house but when arrived in Italy, it has just been sold or has many problems. Without ruling out that once you get on the Lake Maggiore, you may not even be able to conclude anything … and you will ignore it. The collaborators of Mitalia have many years of experience as real estate agents and they can help you very well help in the search. They need simply to identify your needs, the required housing solution, the budget at disposal and the time you are available to come to Italy. We will prepare for you a selection of properties, proposed by various real estate agents, we’ll meet them in advance and check if there are eventually any problems to cope with.
At this point, you just have to book your trip (unless you move with your car) and we will come and pick you up at the airport, we will book the hotel and will accompany you when visiting the chosen houses. We will show you the surroundings and give you the information you need when buying a house on the Lake Maggiore. If you find your dream house, you can start the negotiations with the real estate agent of your choice, with or without our help.
In this way, you save time and “trouble” because we’ll take care of all the preliminary necessary activities.

In any case, if you want more information about our real estate proposals, without being or becoming a customer Mitalia, please don’t hesitate and contact us. We will put you directly in contact with the real estate agency  involved.