What other customers are saying about Mitalia

  • Since 2004 we were looking for a second home on the Lake Maggiore for our family. The task was difficult, more difficult than expected: in fact, in Italy there aren’t any websites which work well as the sites Funda and Jaap in the Netherlands. Every real estate agent has his own database which hardly agrees with his colleagues. In addition, unlike in the Netherlands, the brokerage’s commissions are charged both to the purchaser and the seller and the percentages are much higher. However, many traps. By word of mouth we have known Monique van der Leeden who gave us a hand in overcoming these obstacles when, in 2007, we bought a house “on the water “. The original property was from the eighteenth century and was not in good conditions. We had to deal with a major refurbishment. Monique assisted us in the choice of the architect, of the building firm and much more. She led all the renovations, which lasted about 1 year. With wonderful results! Since 2009 we can enjoy the beauty of our home on the Lake Maggiore. She also assisted us in the completion of the work, for example, when we requested a buoy for our boats or when we had to draw up some insurances, advising and activating us personally.
    Furthermore, Monique also suggested us how to make our stay more enjoyable, showing us the most beautiful ski resorts in the surroundings or new and characteristic restaurants.
    I can certainly say, on behalf of my entire family, that it is also thanks to Monique van der Leeden / Mitalia srl that the purchase of our house and the subsequent renovations were completed successfully and the stay in our home on the Lake Maggiore is always very pleasant.

  • Nanny and Roberto Trabucchi

    Dear Mrs. Van Der Leeden,

    My wife and I wanted to thank you for the quick and very effective help you gave us during the purchase of a new home, one thing struck us …. your professionalism and your very personal way of acting.
    Also thanks for all the advice you gave us.

    Kind regards,

    Nanny and Roberto Trabucchi

  • - 10th September 2013

    We are a couple from Hamburg, who in 2006 met Mrs. van der Leeden after having purchased a property, completely to be renovated, in Cannobio.

    Ms. van der Leeden, who we had originally contacted as an interpreter, accompanied us in the restructuring over the years and has become a dear friend from a precious collaborator.

    She acted as an intermediary between us, the architects and craftsmen engaged in the work of our house and put at our disposal her contacts to solve all the practical issues related to the management of a property, since its construction:
    – Where can I find a gardener?
    – Where can I insure the yard and then the house?
    – How can I have an Internet connection?
    – Where can I find nice furniture and who will come to assemble them at home?

    In this way, we continued to follow our activities in Germany (we could not have done otherwise): in fact, the yard was already organized and we could reach Mrs. van der Leeden on her mobile phone at any time.
    We thank her very much for this and we can ensure that every customer will find in her not only a competent and friendly consultant, deeply linked to the town of Cannobio, but also a very sweet lady.

  • Dominik en Katja Harnischfeger - Schwalmstadt, 18.09.2013

    We bought a house through the real estate agency Remax and Mrs. van der Leeden supported us during the sale. From the beginning on she was very friendly and competent, always available to listen to us even regarding “unscheduled” themes. Of course, her deep knowledge of languages – and they are many – were a great help.
    First of all, she gave us a helping hand for the signing of notarial instrument and, later, during the meetings with the architects. Without her, we would not have come to anything.
    The fact that she has been residing in Cannobio for many years now and she knows the country, as well as the Italian temperament, is definitely a big advantage, which allows her to solve all those “unpleasant” problems we would have been dealt with, in spite of everything: garbage fee, water and electricity supplies, payment of taxes, etc.

    In a nutshell: her collaboration can only get you a head start!

    Kind regards,

    Katja Harnischfeger